Watch 'm Explode

by The Second Handed

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released February 16, 2018


all rights reserved



The Second Handed The Hague, Netherlands

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Track Name: Unwind
I have been blowing big bubbles, just to watch 'm explode. And I built a drunken card house, just to watch it falling over.

Am I alone in this, no, you saw it happen right? And does that make it not nothing? Am I worth anything?

Breathing heavily, ow we have tried too hard to forget our scars, by burning all the weed. And now our money is all gone and grief comes to show it's face. And I go damn near crazy had to reach out to make, so in pieces I could lay.

Get me out of here, and unwind me.

I still wish you'd want to call me my love it has been long. I still wish you'd want to call me and wish you'd want to hold me my love. It has been long enough.
Track Name: The Whale
I saw the tail of the whale. It even splashed some water in my face. It was the tale of a whale.

And I think I know but I can't be sure. So I will be laying still in my thirst. To add freedom from your embrace. You see I won't be, walking to thee, cause I can't say, where I remain.

My heart, so useless, my mind is full of you.

The tide of the moment it wails to cut my cords of those times so full of you.
Track Name: Statue
Statue you stood there like a statue. She said there is not enough going on, I am gonna climb right over you. But I if you want to do that I'd better be turning my back cause every "hello" is another heartache.

And my butterflies they have grown needles and there is only one thing that they are seeking. Eyes to fall through and be swallowed whole, they are buzzing me on, but they should not buzz at all.

The vines have crept around me, holding my last thoughts from getting away in the hope that I get surrounded so no strip of light can show me.

That you have blossomed and maybe I should do the same. Cause in time whatever we do becomes laughable. So why were we serious, it is so easily ended after all.
Track Name: Still Planes
Ow I feel sorry, and although ow what would you have you called it? Hell I do not know how I have become or what, what I should have done.

Shunned away In my own place for I have become a fucking disgrace but in my place what would you have done to keep this going all along.

This road is not where I belong, it lies with love entangled in blue, keep you out of my eyes on to know what is cause when I can't get it out I become a mean sad.

I will tell you what I am going up. What is wrong with us no we can't get along. No more of you get you out of my head.cause I can't stand you now but I will need you when.

I will fall on my reason's sake cause I needed you most in my worst of days but now we have come to see what is. And all the matter has sunk, so what's the matter hun.

I had enough when I had you not one more thing when we were true. Ow how we shone, look it now it's gone. I know we'll never make it somehow we'll never face it.

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